DATA LOG / DATA LOG 2 (version marketed until july 2015)

• Simple text menu programming.
• Up to 50 daily and weekly programs.
• One or two changeover contacts.

DATA LOG / DATA LOG 2 (version marketed until july 2015)
discontinued discontinued

Digital time switch, with one or two circuits, easy programming guided by a text menu. Five selected languages, large memory capacity with a wide variety of functions that makes it one of the most versatile time switches on the market.

  • Large size alphanumeric display
  • Programming chronogram shown at the display
  • Automatic or programmable summer/winter time change.
  • Random program for simulating presence.
  • Configurable pulse program (1 to 59 sec.)
  • Cycle programming
  • Hour counter
  • Holiday program
  • 5-year battery back-up power reserve.

Technical specifications
Voltage rating 230 Va.c. (consult for other voltages)
Frequency rating 50-60 Hz
Breaking power DATA LOG: 16 (10) A / 250 Va.c.
DATA LOG 2: 2x16 (10) A / 250 Va.c.
Operational standby Approx. 5 years without power supply
Maximum recommended loads
  • Incandescent lamps: 3000 W
  • Fluorescent with compensation: 1200 VA
  • Low voltage halogen lamps: 2000 VA
  • Halogen (230V): 3000 W
  • Lowconsumption lamps: 600 VA
  • Downlight lamps: 400 VA
  • Leds lamps: 600 VA

N.O. contacts only

Operational precision ±1 sec per day at 23ºC
Memory spaces 50
Own consumption 6 VA capacitive
Contact type DATA LOG: one voltage-free switched contact
DATA LOG 2: Two voltage-free switched contacts
Type of program Daily and Weekly
Operating temperature -10 ºC to +45 ºC
Protection class Class II under correct assembly
Protection grade IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529
Assembly On symmetrical 35-mm profile according to EN 60715
Quality marks marca_calidad2
Documentation and downloads
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