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Our history: 60 years of energy

orbis Our company

To this energy from the pioneers of our industry, of our customers and collaborators, to this energy that has always led to change, we add a new proposal for resource use, intelligent energy.

We have been enjoying the energy of our customers and collaborators for sixty years in the design and manufacture of electrical material aimed at energy management and efficiency. 60 years in which we have consolidated the presence of our brands and products in more than 60 countries, supplied from our four production centres in the European Union. Our slogan “intelligent energy” guides the widest multi-specialised product offer on the market.

60 years in which the confidence and loyalty of our customers and a faithful human team, with a high degree of qualification and commitment make possible continuous expansion of our business and investment, new product research and development job creation and, in the end, the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers throughout the entire world.

Quality: customer satisfaccion

orbis Our company

Here at ORBIS, we not only think of quality assurance and safety when we design and manufacture electrical material.

Our goal is to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction, for which reason we intensely work on aspects, such as product functionality, information and training, with a “direct line” to our Engineering Department and promoters, communications, with our powerful website at www.orbis.es, supplies and after-sales services that guarantee continuity and total guarantee of our products. Without any room for doubt, ORBIS is attaining new levels of satisfaction in its customers all over the globe.

Declaration of Principles
Quality politics
ISO 9001 (AENOR)
ISO 9001 (IQNet)

Research and development: inteligent products and services

orbis Our company

Innovation and technology in the over 25 million products installed inmore than 60 countries, providing innovating solutions to energy management and efficiency sum upour technological vocation and the international isatio nof our company.

Our brand ORBISand over 300 product references shape the greatest offer in the fieldsof electrical installation, measurement ,the use of renewable energy, instrumentation, homeautomation, public lighting management and industry.

Environmental sustainability

orbis Our company

The cleanest energy is the onethat is not consumed andsustainable developmentobliges us to make efficientand responsible use of the energy which necessarily accompanies it.

Our slogan refers to this energy, whichis managed and employed efficiently as“intelligent energy” and contains themessage of our firm commitment withthe conservation of nature and the ideato improve the quality and safety of ourenvironment.

At ORBIS, we design and manufacture products in processes and with “clean” materials, within a framework of loyal relationships with our customers and collaborators, products that propose efficient and responsible use of naturalresources in order to reach sustainable development, improve our quality assurance and guarantee that of future generations.

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