Standard version.
To play a larger than 6 cm wide. Pdf file type.
Bold version.
To play a size between 4 cm. and 6 cm. wide and improve viewing. Pdf file type.
Extra bold version.
To play a smaller size to 4 cm, when in a very limited and / or appear with other logos (panels, brochures, websites, etc.).                    Pdf file type.
In any of these three logos, if applied on a dark background, the slogan "smart power" shall be in white, to enhance viewing. And if the background is black, gray or dark blue, contact Orbis.
Orbis symbol (1500 x 1500 px).
Accompanies our business name. jpg file type.
Energy efficiency label (1772 x 1772 px).
Accompanies graphic pieces and products related with energy efficiency. jpg file type
Logo orbis photocall sello (1531 x 1630 px).
When it needs to be reproduced in a small space, higher than it is wide and accompanying other logos. jpg file type.
 Feel free to consult us for advice about how to use the logos in the best way to suit your needs
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