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Charging Station VIARIS COMBI +: Fruit of an evolution

ORBIS, with their experience in charging point design and manufacturing in the last few years, launches the new Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station VIARIS COMBI + “a hybrid of two existing charging station models for private use: It combines the versatility and functionalities of VIARIS COMBI with the design and user friendliness of VIARIS UNI”.

Charging Station VIARIS COMBI +: Fruit of an evolution

At these times of constant innovation and development by the electric vehicle manufacturers, ORBIS, a leading edge company in charging solutions, has developed the innovative VIARIS COMBI + Charging Station, which includes the following additional advantages:

+MODULATION. Equipped with a multi-equipment modulator
+SPACE for protections
+SAFETY. Type 2 socket with shutter
+VERSATILITY. One or two outputs can be selected, combining Sockets and/or Hoses

It is worth noting the following features and functions, included as standard:

  • Charge Modulator. No need to increase the supply capacity.
  • Connectivity through WIFI and ETHERNET Communication.
  • Time scheduling to benefit from time-of-day electricity tariffs.
  • Activation via RFID cards and touch sensor.
  • VIARIS App and embedded website for charging station management and control.
  • Updatable firmware.
  • Leakage DC current detector.
  • Smart charge balancing and dual board supply.
  • Multi-equipment modulator: Modulation function with several charging stations.

  • For all these reasons, VIARIS COMBI + is the most efficient charging solution for installation in tertiary sector garages, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, public car parks, companies with vehicle fleets, etc., providing cutting-edge technology and design and user friendliness.

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