New products


ORBIS aims to foster health and safety by launching a new CO2 detector to control air quality in enclosed public spaces.

DETECO2 monitors the CO2 concentration in a room’s atmosphere, thus serving as prevention against aerial transmission of viruses, such as the one currently affecting us.

A prolonged stay in small poorly ventilated spaces can dangerously increase the probability of transmission, due to dispersion through aerosols.

To this end, DETECO2 measures the CO2 concentration in the environment, it warns us when excessive levels are reached and it activates the associated ventilation and temperature systems to remove the risk. Additionally, it provides air temperature and humidity measurements to achieve maximum comfort in the room.

The most noteworthy functionalities of this new product are:

  • It has three LED indicators:

    • Green: concentration < 800 ppm which is deemed to be adequate.
    • Orange: 800 – 1200 ppm concentration; there will be an alert due to high CO2 concentration level; ventilation of the room is recommended..
    • Red: concentration> 1200 ppm which means maximum risk.

  • There are two digital relay outputs: Output 1 is activated with concentration values higher than 700 ppm and Output 2, with values higher than 1300 ppm.
  • The measurements offered by the three analogue outputs (0-10V) are:
    • CO2 concentration from 0 to 2000 ppm
    • Temperature de 0 a 50 ºC
    • Relative humidity from 0 to 100 %

    Thus, DETECO2 is vitally important to control air quality in enclosed public spaces, helping to minimise risk and achieve maximum comfort in offices, classrooms, business premises, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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