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ORBIS is at the top of the market in terms of power supply for electric cars. Thanks to its smart charger VIARIS COMBI is unmarked from its competitors, making recharging in all types of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in private environments more efficient, practical and safe.

VIARIS COMBI: the smart electric car charger.

We continue with our commitment to offer devices that improve control and improve the optimization of energy efficiency.

On the one hand, VIARIS COMBI smart charger comes standard with a charge modulator that allows the user to regulate the power according to that contracted for the electrical installation. In this way, unnecessary cost overruns are avoided and the risk of network surges is reduced.

On the other hand, SPL Solutions (Line Protection System) can be incorporated into the charger, designed not to oversize the contracted power and manage VIARIS charging points without having to cut off its supply, leveling the vehicle load electrical connected to the system.

VIARIS COMBI is the only valid charger for all recharging circuit schemes contemplated in the current ITC-BT-52 regulations. This can additionally incorporate a device for automatic reset of the smart meter. Which makes it possible to reset the meter from the house without having to go down to the garage, a requirement of mandatory compliance for the most used scheme in cities, type 2.

A charger created by the energy efficiency expert brand.

Unlike other devices, VIARIS COMBI is a solution that, apart from being noted for its attractive and innovative design, requires a simple installation and is extremely easy to use, both in private and domestic installations.

In order to simplify the management and control of electric car charging, ORBIS smart charger is complemented by a VIARIS Charger Management Platform. Through its application it is possible to monitor, record and supervise the actions carried out. In addition, through the use with RFID cards, customers are offered different payment methods and the activation of charging points.

This EV smart charger also presents the App VIARIS COMBI for users in mobile version, available on Google Play and App Store for free.

ORBIS has created an Introduction Manual for the Recharging of Electric Vehicles, available for those who wish to know all the details in depth. In this document the current situation of the sector is disclosed and the basic notions about types, modes and connectors for charging electric vehicles are explained. In turn, it deals with the main installation schemes of the charging points and the best market solutions proposed by ORBIS.

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