New products


The new range of COMBIMAT Motion Detectors is the most versatile currently in our catalogue, both in terms of the large variety of models and the different types of installation:

  • Recessed ceiling installation (accessory included)
  • On ceiling surface with adaptor (additional accessory)


    The 4 models comprising this Range are:

  • COMBIMAT , which stands out due to its large capture area of up to 24 m in diameter at a height of between 2 and 4 metres, with external pushbutton input and ideal for long corridors and staircases. Recommended for installation in doorways, landings, garages, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.
  • COMBIMAT 40.5 with a rectangular capture area of 40 m x 5 m at 2.5 m height, this is a special detector for wide corridors and rectangular areas in residential buildings, hospitals, offices, schools and hotels.
  • COMBIMAT 12M , because of its high capture capacity, it is recommended for installation in ceilings of up to 12 m height and it has a detection field of 20 m in diameter. Suitable for assembly on high ceilings in warehouses, industrial plants, sports halls, etc.
  • COMBIMAT KNX is a detector integrated in a KNX communication system, which enables regulating the lighting, heating or any other KNX device, such as security elements, access control, etc.In turn, a double level can be configured after the timing period, reducing lighting while movement is not detected, thus preventing being completely in the dark in corridors or rooms. Possible applications include: meeting rooms, offices, classrooms and rooms in hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.

  • Thus, the different models and multiple functionalities of the COMBIMAT Range help us to cover lighting control needs in a large variety of scenarios, providing comfort and reducing costs.

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