New products


ORBIS offers users a new app to manage the VIARIS UNI and VIARIS COMBI + smart charging stations from a mobile phone or tablet, facilitating real-time control and display of grid or solar supply, as well as instantaneous power consumption of both the home and the electric vehicle charging station.

The e-VIARIS APP , available for free from Google Play and App Store, enables multiple EV charging stations to be registered so the owner can: remotely check the charging status at any time, remotely switch the VIARIS charging station on or off, configure the Wifi and Ethernet connectivity parameters, download the charging log files between dates with start time, duration and consumed power, configure maximum power for the installation to modulate the charging power, etc. Additionally, this application provides a graphical display of daily, monthly or annual home and charging station consumption, as well as a consumption habit heat map.

It must be noted that ORBIS’s e-VIARIS APP offers the most comprehensive monitoring for solar management available in the market, enabling simple programming and use of the VIARIS smart charging stations connected to any type of single-phase or three-phase photovoltaic installation through VIARIS SOLAR .

With this application, the user can select the operation mode, maximum power and time slots. At a single glance, the app displays total GRID consumption and export, SOLAR generation, and home and car consumption.

In order to adapt to the new electricity tariffs and provide the greatest energy savings, the e-VIARIS APP can be used to time schedule up to 6 slots from Monday to Friday and another 6 slots at the weekend, with the option to schedule different MODES and maximum consumption for each slot based on user requirements.

Following the steps indicated in the following LINK , any user will be able to easily and intuitively configure and control the VIARIS UNI and VIARIS COMBI + charging stations through the e-VIARIS Application and Web Platform.

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