New products


The future of smart charging stations is already a reality with the new VIARIS UNI.

ORBIS has launched VIARIS UNI in the market, a new Smart Charging Station model to charge any electric vehicle: cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles and plug-in-hybrids in private spaces.

Thanks to its attractive design, simplicity and user friendliness with WIFI communications and easy installation, it is one of the most outstanding charging stations in the market today.

It is especially recommended for residential use in single-family homes or communal car parks, and for tertiary sector car parks in office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, companies, hospitals, etc.

It is worth noting that the VIARIS UNI Smart Charging Station is equipped as standard with a charge modulator, enabling the end user to not have to increase the facility or home supply capacity, by increasing or decreasing the electric vehicle consumption depending on the remaining electrical installation consumption.

Other remarkable features the VIARIS UNI is equipped with as standard include:

  • Leakage current detector with a direct current component to protect people.
  • Integrated WIFI communication.
  • VIARIS App for mobile devices and embedded website for remote charging station management and control.
  • Tactile charging activation / deactivation sensor or RFID activation.
  • Maximum power limitation via a selector switch.
  • Mobile phone notifications.
  • Measurement and logging of charged power.

For all these reasons, VIARIS UNI is the perfect electric vehicle charging solution both in residential and in tertiary sector car parks, providing design, cutting-edge technology and efficiency.

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