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VIARIS SOLAR: The cleanest sustainability

VIARIS SOLAR is ORBIS's new solution for perfect integration of smart electric vehicle charging stations in photovoltaic installations, thus making the most out of renewable energies.

VIARIS SOLAR: The cleanest sustainability

Especially designed to work with the VIARIS UNI and VIARIS COMBI + smart charging stations, this system offers advantages, such as using every single drop of energy generated by the solar panels, maintaining full control of the process, thanks to its multiple functionalities, and the fact that it can adapt to any type of photovoltaic installation in the market.

VIARIS SOLAR is the ONLY SYSTEM in the market to provide 3 OPERATION MODES:

  • SOLAR: Charging with 100% solar power, no consumption from the GRID.
  • HYBRID: Prioritises charging with solar power and, if this is not enough, it adds minimum grid current. We ensure charging and avoid unnecessary disconnections.
  • SOLAR/GRID: Supply all power available. We achieve maximum charging speed.

  • ORBIS offers the most comprehensive monitoring via the e-VIARIS App for solar management, enabling simpler and more seamless use and programming of the VIARIS SOLAR system, even remotely. At a single glance, its displays total GRID consumption and export, SOLAR generation, and home and car consumption.

    Additionally, it adapts to the new electricity tariffs, to provide the greatest energy savings. Thus, VIARIS SOLAR enables time scheduling of up to 6 slots from Monday to Friday and another 6 slots at the weekend, with the option to schedule different MODES in different time slots.

    For all of this, there is no doubt that VIARIS SOLAR is the best option available right now to charge electric vehicles in the cleanest and most sustainable way.

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