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VIARIS TESTER is an Electric Vehicle (EV) Specific Power System tester, enabling several functions of EV chargers to be tested by simulating the connection of an electric vehicle.

It ensures correct charger operation before delivery to the customer, and is thus an essential tool for electric mobility professionals, whether installers or checking bodies.

It can be used in Electric Vehicle charging station installations in homes, apartment blocks, car parks, office buildings, vehicle fleets, etc.

The main characteristics of VIARIS TESTER are:

  • Valid for chargers up to 64 A.
  • Can test Charging Mode 3 with Type 2 connectors.
  • Equipped with an LCD display indicating: vehicle state, active phases, charger current and power, earthing verification and oscilloscope mode CP signal display.

  • This tester can perform the following Test types:

    • Tests as per UNE-EN 61851-1: generate vehicle states (disconnected, connected, charging, etc.), simulate EV faults, such as CP earth fault and CP D diode fault and measure the power supplied by the charger.
    • Additional installation tests: working as a phase presence and sequence indicator, verifying the installation earth connection and testing the residual current differential 30 mA AC (RCD) and leak current 6 mA DC (RDC-DD).
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