Orbis recently attended the EFICAM 2019 fair, reaping great recognition and success, both in their stand, where they presented new products and smart energy management, efficiency and saving solutions, and at a new space known as "New installation technologies".

In this area, different real charging types were recreated in order to show how to install an electric vehicle charging station on site. Specialist technicians from APIEM and from the charging station manufacturers present in the area provided guidance and step-by-step explanations.

This area was a real success and made the difference compared to previous editions of EFICAM. ORBIS had a strong presence there, exhibiting their VIARIS COMBI Smart Charging Stations for private use. They presented two installation solutions: one, following schematic 2 with charge modulation and automatic reset, and another one, following schematic 1 with "Line Protection System" (SPL-ORBIS).

A notable moment was when the inauguration entourage, led by the General Director for Industry, Mr. Francisco Javier Abajo, and the Madrid Community Deputy Councillor for Industry and Innovation, Mr. Javier Ruiz, visited this space. They showed great interest in the explanations provided by our technician on the configuration and operation of our equipment and the demonstration of the real-time charge modulation of two BMW i3 vehicles with the SPL-ORBIS system.

VIARIS COMBI is equipped as standard with a charge modulator, enabling the end user to regulate the vehicle's charging power depending on the supply capacity of the installation, thus preventing potential cost overruns in the electricity bill and the tripping of protections. In turn, it is the only charging station suitable for installation in all schematics of the current ITC-BT-52 regulation and can be equipped with a smart meter automatic reset device. This device enables resetting the meter from the house without having to go into the car park, which is mandatory in schematic 2 of ITC-BT-52 (the most commonly used installation schematic in all our cities). And this is particularly what ultimately differentiates us from our competition in the electrical engineering industry.

Additionally, ORBIS, as a specialist in energy control and efficiency, offers several "Line Protection System" SPL solutions, preventing oversizing of the installation supply capacity. SPL-ORBIS solutions can manage VIARIS charging stations without cutting off their supply, modulating the charge of all electric vehicles connected to the system.

For all these reasons, our VIARIS COMBI charging station is undoubtedly the best solution currently available in the Electric Vehicle charging market.

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