ORBIS attended the #ELECTRIC VEHICLE gathering 2021, held on the 10th of July at the Alcor Plaza Shopping Centre, in Madrid.

This event consisted in a macro meet-up open to anyone interested in electric cars, so they could discover, test drive, analyse and compare electric vehicles from the large variety of brands that were exhibiting there.

ORBIS, in turn, informed visitors about their wide range of Smart Charging Stations, for the most efficient charging of these electric cars.

It must be noted that the public was able to share experiences and knowledge with the current top industry influencers, such as @TESLAVLOGS, among others.

The topics of interest that were covered in this event were: information about Routes with EVs, Exhibitions and Test Drives by the different EV brands present, educational and technical presentations, etc. All of this contributed to its great success and impact on the electric mobility industry.

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