On the occasion of the AFME (Spanish Association of Electrical Material Manufacturers) General Assembly, held on May 14th, Hugo Geiger, CEO of ORBIS TECNOLOGÍA ELÉCTRICA, S.A., spoke to the assembly in his capacity as President of the Foreign Trade Division and Vicepresident of the Association.

He presented the year's industry export results and the prospects for our exporters in 2019, which have to be conservative for this complicated year. The reason for this is the global economic downturn and the threat of growing trade regionalisation against multilateralism, which we should not forget has inspired the greatest global economy growth and trade achievements in the last few decades. However, we continue to have confidence in a certain positive momentum in the economy, and our exporters expect a 5 percent growth for this year.

The AFME Assembly was chaired by the acting Industry Minister, Reyes Maroto, who recognised in her address the need for an industrialisation policy in Spain, which will require a State treaty. The aim would be for industry to have the right weight in the country's GDP, something that cannot be relinquished by the fourth European economy. This would ensure the stable and high quality employment that only industry can create.

This was the message transmitted to the Minister by both the AFME President, Francesc Acín, and Hugo Geiger in their earlier meeting.

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