Yet another year, ORBIS has been present at the largest electrical engineering showcase in the world. In this edition, 2,714 exhibitors and 220,000 professional visitors from 177 countries attended the trade fair.

Light + Building 2018 gave us the opportunity to show our latest recently launched technological developments to customers, collaborators and visitors. On this occasion, we have presented solutions enabling user connection through mobile apps and web platforms. They are always focused on energy management and measurement, are easy to use, provide information and help to optimise resources in installations.

From programmable and astronomical time switches, to regulators for heating systems or electric vehicle charging stations, visitors were allowed to "play" with all these apps and interact with the equipment.

Amongst all our new products, it is worth noting the new features of XEO ENERGY Energy Manager. It can store any type of utility information (electricity, water, gas, etc.) or physical variable (flow rate, level, luminous intensity, humidity, etc.) on the cloud and a web application can then be used to analyse and act upon that data. This application is so powerful that it enables tailored graphs to be obtained for any parameter and then compared with maximum, minimum or average values from another period. This can be used to assess energy-related, financial or production corrective actions. There is a growing trend in its use in IoT management in shopping centres, towns, hotels, industries and agriculture.

The electric vehicle charging stations VIARIS COMBI and VIARIS CITY also took centre stage, with a smart charge modulation system to adapt the charging power to the total power. This system enables an optimised use of the total power available in the installation, so that if there are other consumers, the vehicle's charging current is reduced. Otherwise, all the energy available is used to charge the vehicle. This characteristic means that the supply capacity is better utilised, without tripping the protections or the energy meter. This is the ideal solution for both single homes and building blocks with several charging stations.

We closed this edition with the feeling of having shared our knowledge with collaborators and visitors, and with the motivation to work on new ideas that lead to an ever more intelligent energy use.

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