At ORBIS, we continue to work with a strong focus on offering new tools to help you provide value added to your day-to-day customer management with regards to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

To this end, we have recently launched a Demo Video on the Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, to explain how the charging station works and the solutions provided by ORBIS. It also answers the main questions that usually arise when purchasing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

Check how useful our video is by clicking on this ad and feel free to attach it to your quotes.

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Additionally, we have developed a new project: an exclusive charging station website, a space to offer valuable information on our VIARIS Range of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, which is currently on the market.

In this attractive and modern website, ORBIS provides all the information related to its wide range of VIARIS Charging Stations, both for public spaces (VIARIS CITY ) and for private use (VIARIS COMBI and VIARIS UNI ).

In this website, you can intuitively learn about the main competitive advantages of installing one of the VIARIS models, as well as its most relevant Technical Characteristics. It also presents the VIARIS App for remote charging station management and control, and the VIARIS Management Platform, which monitors, records and supervises actions on the Smart Charging Stations.

Link to Charging Station Website:

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