• Instantaneous awareness of alarms, and remote management of isolated systems or without physical vigilance.
  • Alerts are by text message or telephone call.
  • It is possible to program the entrances and exits as a function of situations or events.
  • Programmed sending of message updates about the status of the system.
  • Can allow up to 2000 users with activation permissions, apart from the administrator.
  • For the receiving of alerts, 10 priority numbers can be configured.
  • The configuration and creation of events is carried out in a simple and intuitive manner using a computer and the CODITEL 2 Configuration software. Software available at
  • CODITEL 2 has a USB port (mini B type) for connection to a computer.
  • The 2 outputs allow the simple control of two systems from a mobile phone. It is ideal for controlling heating and irrigation in holiday homes to which intruder and leak monitoring can be added using digital inputs.
  • Functioning hours meter for both outputs with configurable alarm.
  • The digital inputs can be connected to motion sensors to detect intruders, or water or gas detectors to identify leaks, to limit switches for the stocking of vending machines, to pulse counters for energy, gas or water meters, etc.
  • Configurable digital inputs such as: pulse meter, voltage free, with 40 Vd.c. maximum or open collector.
  • By connecting the analogue input, to a sensor for temperature, humidity, level, flow or another sensor, we can control the maximum and minimum temperature levels in a cold store or freezer of a food business, of water or feed in a farm, of liquids in irrigation or industry, etc.
  • Analogue input 0-10 V or 0-20 mA.
  • LED indicator light for: GSM signal, status of outputs and status of digital inputs.
  • GSM ANTENNA included.
  • Using this software it is possible to: Create and edit different CODITEL 2 programs. Manage profiles: administrator, user and maintenance. Configure the inputs. Program the functioning of the outputs. Create alerts: for the status of inputs (analogue or digital), temperature level and pulse meter. Program a periodic informative SMS with readings of inputs in: time, pulses, state of digital inputs or outputs, or a reading of analogue input.
    • Model: CODITEL 2
    • Reference
Technical specifications
  • Power supply:
    230 V ac, 50/60 Hz
  • Digital inputs:
    Free of voltage / Voltage max. 40 V dc / Open collector.
  • Analogue input:
    0-10 V / 0-20 mA
  • Output 1:
    switch 8 A 250 V ac
  • Output 2:
    simple NO 5 A 250 V ac
  • Operating temp.:
    0 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Protection degree:
    IP 40 according to EN 60529
  • Assembly:
    mounted on DIN rail, 4 modules
  • GSM Module:
    Quadband (900-950-1800-1900 MHz). Check the application country for compatibility with the local GSM communication network.
Documentation and downloads
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