A series of single-phase system analysers for measuring the rms value (TRMS), with three modules.

Displayed Parameters:
  • Voltage V (TRMS)
  • Current A (TRMS)
  • Power W
  • Power Factor (cos φ)
  • Energy Wh
  • Frequency Hz

  • Model


    ANRET M-22

    Direct-connection analyzer. (IMAX= 22,5 A; VMAX =300 V)

    ANRET M-22-BUS

    Direct-connection analyzer (IMAX=22,5 A; VMAX=300 V) or ratio via external x/5A transformers (IMAX = 1.000 A). Comunicación RS 485 and software ANRET

    ANRET M-63

    Direct-connection analyzer. (IMAX= 63 A; VMAX=230 V). Pulse output.

    Technical specifications
    Power Supply 230 Vac i50-60 Hz
    Input current M-63: Ib= 10 A; IMAX= 63 A via direct connection
    M-22: In= 5 A; IMAX= 22,5 A by direct connection
    M-22-BUS: In= 5 A; IMAX= 22,5 A; IMAX= 6 A via x/5A transformers
    Selectable ratio of transforming  1…..9.9999/5 A
    Operating Temperature Range From -10 ºC a +45 ºC
    Storage Temperature Range From -20 ºC a +60 ºC
    Relative Humidity From 10% to 90% non-condensing
    Screen LCD, 7 + 5 digits with backlighting
    Box 3 DIN
    Protection Type IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529
    Protection Class II in accordance with EN 60335 under correct installation conditions
    Installation On 35-mm symmetrical profile in accordance with EN 60715
    Number Of Modules 3
    Documentation and downloads
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