• Reading of single and three phase lines with or without neutral and Modbus RTU output.
  • Allows instant and accumulated values display through CONTAX-ANRET Software.
  • Connected on a network without amplifier can communicate up to 32 units. Maximum reading range of 1.000 meters.
  • Connected on a network with amplifiers can communicate up to 247 units in groups of 32.
  • It memorizes maximum phase and total values of any parameter with the date and time they were taken.
  • It allows current transformers up to 1000/5 A Easy ratio adjustment in the unit.
  • Optional voltage measurement through a transformer up to 10,000/230 V ac
  • Backlit LCD display for good visibility even in darkness.
  • Parameters: V, A, W, Var, VA, Wh, VArh, cos Phi, phase angle and Hz
  • Phase, between phases and total values.
  • Manual reset of active and reactive energy power meters and peak values.
  • Programming protection using access codes to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Accessories: METRA/ANRET adapter frame from 72x72 mm. to 96x96 mm (VJ44580000).
    • Model: ANRET M-BUS_1 PH/3PH
    • Reference
    • Mounting
      DIN rail. 4 modules
    • Model: ANRET Q-BUS_1 PH/3PH
    • Reference
    • Mounting
      Flush mounting 72 x72 mm
Technical specifications
  • Supply voltage:
    230 V ac (-15% ÷ +10%), 50-60 Hz
  • Line voltage:
    3x230 (400) V ac 50-60 Hz
  • Base and maximum current:
    5 (6) A
  • Max. own consumption:
    4 VA
  • Accuracy:
    0,5 VA
  • Current power:
    0,5 VA
  • Active Class:
    Class 2 according to EN 61036
  • Reactive Class:
    Class 3 according to EN 61268
  • Serial port:
  • Communication protocol:
  • Type of codification:
    RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)
  • Operating Temp.:
    from 0 °C to +50 °C
  • Protection degree:
    IP20 according to EN 60529
Documentation and downloads
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