Astronomic timer switch designed to control lighting loads in function of dawn and dusk times.
  • The astronomic adjustment is made daily.
  • There is a list of 52 Spanish and three Portuguese provincial capitals that facilitates zone programming.
  • Two modules.
  • The equipment includes 22 memory spaces that can be astronomically programmed and/or with fixed times.
- Applications: small neighbourhood community lighting systems, gardens, window displays and private areas etc, which are efficiently controlled by a single-circuit astronomic switch.

Technical specifications
Voltage Rating 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz
Breaking Power 16 (10) / 250 Vac
Contact type Voltage-free switching
Own consumption 6 VA (1W approx.)
Operational precision ±1s per day at 23ºC
Backup power suply ≥ 4 years without maintenance (lithium battery)
Maximum recommended loads
  • Incandescent lamps: 3000 W
  • Fluorescent with compensation: 1200 VA
  • Low voltage halogen lamps: 2000 VA
  • Halogen (230V): 3000 W
  • Lowconsumption lamps: 600 VA
  • Downlight lamps: 400 VA
  • Leds lamps: 600 VA
N.O. contacts only
Memory spaces 22
Application areas Spain and Portugal / Algeria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Morocco and Tunisia / Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden / Italy / Germany / Ireland / United Kingdom / Poland / Turkey / Czech Republic and Slovaklia / Australia / New Zealand. (Plase ask about other countries)
Automatic summer winter change Yes
Assembly DIN Rail
Proteccion grade IP 20
Documentation and downloads
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