CONTAX NET RF is a pulse concentrator module which allows the signals from CONTAX modular energy meters (monophase and triphase) to be captured with wireless communication and send data by radio about consumption to management software by means of an RF modem (AMRNET RF).

  • 1 width module.
  • Dual-tariff management.
  • Warning LED: ACTIVITY/ON.
  • Maximum no. of controllable meters: 5 for each CONTAX NET RF.
  • Reading by means of CONTAX NET software.
  • Up to 247 CONTAX can be connected in groups of 30.

Technical specifications
Nominal voltage 230 Vac
Reference frequency 50/60 Hz
Absorption 2 W
Operating temperature from -10 to +45 ºC
Storage temperature from -25 to +70 ºC
Max. no. of controllable meters. Connection to PC by radiofrequency 5 for every CONTAX NET RF
Protection type IP 20 connection terminals
IP 41 instrument front
Installation On 35 mm symmetric profile in accordance with EN 60715
Documentation and downloads
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