• High Frequency detection, high performance detects even slight movements and can be inconspicuously installed.
  • Can detect through non-metallic surfaces and can be inconspicuously installed in either plaster or cork sunroofs. It can also detect through plastic, wood, or brick.
  • This feature allows the device to detect while remaining out of sight, which is ideal from an aesthetic and safety point of view in hotels, offices, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Its detection capacity does not depend on ambient temperature. Therefore it maintains accuracy in hot or humid environments such as kitchens or showers.
  • ECOMAT detects emitted wave bounce off, so detection improves in closed areas such as corridors, entrance halls, bathroom facilities and offices. It decreases in open or large spaces such as garages, porches, etc.
  • In case of surface installation, it can be over flat wall, ceiling or also over inner or outer corners by means of the accessory included.
  • Zero-crossing relay for a better switching of LED-type loads, fluorescence or low energy lighting.
  • Adjustable parameters : detection area, timing, and light sensitivity.
  • Flat wall, inner or outer corner, or ceiling installation.
    • Model: ECOMAT_230 Va.c., 50 Hz
    • Reference
    • Aplications
      Halls, Boxroom corridors, meeting rooms.
Technical specifications
  • Power supply:
    230 Va.c., 50 Hz
  • Swicht capacity:
    6 to 230 Va.c.
  • Timing:
    from 3s to 30 min.
  • Light sensibility:
    adjustable 5-2.000 lux
  • Operating Temp:
    0 ºC to +50 ºC
  • Protection degree:
    IP 20 according to EN 60529
  • Detection angle:
    270º - 360º
  • Detection field:
    Up to 12 m frontal and 6 m lateral at 2.5 m height
  • Max. Recomm. Load
    • Incandescent:
      1300 W
    • Fluorescent:
      1300 VA
    • Halogen 12 Va.c.:
      1300 VA
    • Halogen 230 Va.c.:
      1300 W
    • Low Consumption:
      1300 VA
    • LED:
      500 VA
Documentation and downloads
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