A proximity switch for wall or ceiling surface installation with 200º detection angle and up to twelve metres detection range.

Technical specifications
Voltage rating 230 Va.c.
Frequency rating 50-60 Hz
Breaking power 5 A / 230 Va.c. cosφ = 1
Own consumption 11 VA
Contact type single, with voltage
Operating temperature -20 ºC to +40 ºC
Maximum recommended loads
  • Incandescent lamps: 1,000 W
  • Fluorescent without compensation: 180 W
  • Fluorescent with compensation: via contactor 
  • Low-voltage halogen: 250 VA
  • Halogen (230Va.c.): 500 W
  • Low-consumption lamps: via contactor
Timing 6 seconds to 10 minutes. approximately
Detection angle 200º
Detection field 0 to 12 meters at 20 ºC
Protection class Class II in accordance with EN 60335 under correct installation conditions
Protection type IP 44 in accordance with EN 60529
Installation Wall or ceiling surface
Documentation and downloads
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