The ORBITAX T3 is a meter-recorder integrated in a single electronic unit, with electric power measuring and mains analyser functions that complies with all EU standards and with the imposed specifications for types 2, 3, 4 and 5 recorders (three access tariff contracts, electronic signature and two load curves).

It uses the IEC 870-5-102 communications protocol, adapted by the system operator, including the new phase two definitions. The ORBITAX T3 performs the power measurement in four quadrants and can operate in dingle or dual-direction modes. For reactive power measurements it discriminates between CAPACITIVE AND INDUCTIVE.

The meter measuring system is based on the latest developments in digital power meters / wattmeters. By digitising the waveforms, for voltage and current in the three phases, and via digital calculations, the rms values are obtained for voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, in addition to other electrical parameters.

The ORBITAX T3 also includes pulse emitters and calibration LEDs, which provide pulses in accordance with the measured power. The pulse values are given on the ratings plate on each unit depending on the model and are set at the factory. These pulses activate the external calibration LEDs and those sent by the re-transmitters.

Communication with the ORBITAX T3 is made via an infrared optical port in accordance with EN 62056-21 (Third Edition EN 60107), which is compatible with most optical receivers. It is also fitted with an RS232 communications port which, on order, can be replaced by a RS485 port. These communications ports include quick connection via RJ112 connectors and permit communication via a modem. Remote communication complies with IEC 870-5-102.

The RS485 port makes access possible to several ORBITAX T3 units (depending on the interface chip model, from 32 to 128) over a single communications line.

The software allows local or remote communications with the unit and also to configure the reading via an Ethernet IP address.

The ORBITAX T3 allows for real-time computer screen display of currents, voltages, powers, energies, power factor and frequency or defects in current, voltage, energy and power by means of a powerful software package.
Client Model


Type 3 ORBITAX r4hCcl10T3 TYPE 3 50 kW <Pc < 450 kW - /5; Un: 3x63,5/110 V; 5 (20) A;
Class 1 active. 2 reactive
Type 3 ORBITAX r4hAcl10T3 TYPE3 50 kW < Pc < 450 kW - /5; Un: 3x230/400 V; 5 (20) A;
Class 1 active. 2 reactive
Type 4 ORBITAX r4hAcl10T3 TYPE 4 15 kW < Pc < 50 kW - /5; Un: 3x230/400 V; 5 (20) A;
Class 1 active. 2 reactive
Type 4-5 ORBITAX d4hAcl10T3 TYPE 4-5 Pc < 50 kW directa; Un: 3x230/400 V; 10 (80) A;
Class 1 active. 2 reactive

Technical specifications
  • Class 1 active energy and class 2 reactive energy (types 3, 4 and 5).
  • Class 0.5 s active energy and class 1 reactive energy (type 2)
  • Completely electronic system
  • Direct current measurement 10(80) A or via a x/5 A current transformer
  • Active and reactive LED verification
  • Configurable auxiliary outputs:
    • Four pulse re-transmitters (active, active direction, reactive, reactive direction), in accordance ith the S0 standard (optional for type 3 and included for type 2)
    • One tariff relay or one maximeter relay and four programmable digital outputs (optional for type 3 and included for type 2)
  • Alphanumerical display
  • Eight-digit energy/maximums display. Programmable, one to three decimal-places.
  • Maxima recording for the last twelve periods, with indication of date/time and applicable tariff.
  • Recording of the last ten power failures 8longer than 0.5 sec.
  • Period closing in automatic or manual (closed by equipment pushbutton) or in remote mode.
  • Date/time indication on closing.
  • Optical communications port in accordance with EN 62056-2 (third edition of EN 60107).
  • Opto-isolated communications port, factory-selectable between RS232 and RS485.
  • Mains analyser incorporated.
  • Complies with the IEC 870-5-102 communications standard, adapted by the system operator.
  • Three simultaneous contracts.
  • Three and six-period access tariffs.
  • In accordance with the second phase of the measurement protocol.
  • Time discrimination: dh, dh1, dh2, dh3 and dh4

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