ORBITEL is a GSM quadband modem with direct network power. It incorporates its own SIM card reader and serial port according to the model. Up to 31 devices can be connected to ORBITEL RS485.


The device must be placed in a place with sufficient GSM coverage for the operator selected. To improve the signal power, it is appropriate to place the magnetic based antenna supplied with 3m of cable at a sufficiently high place, avoiding metallic obstacles on it.

Technical specifications
Nominal Voltage 230 V
Power Tolerance From 90 to 253 V
Frecuency 50-60 Hz
Own consumption Idle 1.8 VA
Data traffic 4.8 VA
Reinforced insulation Between power and accessible parts.
Between power and communication ports
Operating temperature From –10 ºC to +45 ºC
Protection type IP 30 according to EN 60529
Protection class II according to EN 60335 with correct assembly
Contamination situation Normal
Maximum no. of controllable meters by serial port 31 meters (1200 m approx.)
Documentation and downloads
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