Analogue time switch, three modules wide with simple programming front dial with clock hands and manual switch for permanent ON or OFF or automatic operation. Changeover contact voltage-free.
Model Operations description Reserve Dial minimum interval between operations Number of pins
SUPRA D 1  changeover contact 16 A
Daily program
No back-up 24 hours 15 minutes 96 pins
SUPRA QRD 1  changeover contact 16 A
Daily program
>150 hours 24 hours 15 minutes 96 pins
SUPRA QRS 1  changeover contact 16 A
Daily / weekly program
>150 hours 7 days 2 hours 84 pins

Technical specifications
Rated voltage 120 or 230 Vac
12,24 or 48 Vac or cc
Frequency 45-60 Hz
Switching capacity 16 (4) A / 250 V a.c.
Battery back-up Type D: no back-up
Types QRD/QRS minimum 150 hours after
48 hours uninterrupted connection.
Operating accuracy ±1 sec/day at 23 ºC
Operating temperature -10 ºC to +50 ºC
Power Consumption 0.5 W
Maximum recommended loads
  • Incandescent lamps: 3000 W
  • Fluorescent with compensation: 1200 VA
  • Low voltage halogen lamps: 2000 VA
  • Halogen (230V): 3000 W
  • Lowconsumption lamps: 1000 VA
  • Downlight lamps: 900 VA
  • Leds lamps: 1000 VA
Manual switch ON/OFF/AUTO
Type of contact changeover contact
Protection grade IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529
Protection class Class II under correct assembly
Assembly on 35 mm simetric DIN rail according with EN 60715
Quality marks marca_calidad1
Documentation and downloads
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