Consumption management software, electrical parameters or meter reading and remote setting of the CONTAX D-BUS series meters.

Helps managing electrical installations easily and in a graphic manner, useful for energy resources managers or installation owners who need to control energy usage.

Types of installations:

  • Campsites.
  • Office buildings.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Marinas.
  • Communities.
  • Costs allocation by areas or departments.


  • User friendly.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Accessible from CONTAX ANRET software.
  • Real time display and reading of consumptions and electrical parameters (tension, current, active, reactive and apparent power, frequency, power factor).
  • Multiport and multi-device settings, allowing to combine different existing device models in the installation.
  • Parameters setting for CONTAX-D-BUS series: date and time, meter management, curve cycle (15, 30, 60 minutes), meter display screens.
  • Reading, graphic display and export of cumulative data (last 12 months); Active, reactive energy in import or export mode.
  • Reading, graphic display and export of load curves: Active, reactive energy in import or export mode.
  • Display and deletion of events (peaks) tension, intensity, active and reactive power, voltage failures.
  • Data export in CVS.
  • Relay control (only CONTAX D-6593-BUS-R): recovery mode: manual or remote time; inrush current, recovery waiting time.
  • Meter status display: voltage failure, relay status, etc.
  • Compatible with CONTAX D-BUS series:
    • CONTAX D-6041-BUS.
    • CONTAX D-10093-BUS.
    • CONTAX D-6593-BUS-R.
    • CONTAX D-6593-BUS-R V3x1.
    • CONTAX D-0643-BUS.

Technical specifications
Documentation and downloads


Download the setup application and reading CONTAX D-BUS, support counters CONTAX Series D-BUS.

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