• Single-phase static meter with PLC communication and remote management with DLMS protocol based on the PRIME specifications. (
  • Records of the inductive and capacitive active and reactive energy in all 4 quadrants.
  • Pricing system of up to 12 seasons and 6 daily periods.
  • Up to 30 special days.
  • Registration of historical data, maximum values per period and load curve with the possibility of immediate shut off through sealable button (manual shut off), pre-programmed on a specific date or remotely through communications protocol.
  • It communicates remotely with DOMOTAX TeLeGeST PRIME COLLECTOR for its management through the power line (P.L.C. communication). It can also communicate locally through optical interface.
  • DOMOTAX TeLeGeST software available for reading of remote-management DLMS meters.
  • It allows the detection and registration of: opening and closing of the terminals cover, outages and restorations of power and supply quality parameters.
  • It incorporates omnipolar cut-off relay of 100 A.
    • Reference
Technical specifications
  • Power supply:
    230 V ac 50 Hz
  • Active accuracy class:
    Class B according to EN 50470-3
  • Reactive accuracy class:
    Class 2 according to EN 62053-23
  • Minimum current:
    0,1 A
  • Reference current:
    10 A
  • Maximum current:
    60 A
  • LED constant:
    4000 imp/kWh
  • Communication:
  • Physical layer and MAC:
  • Link layer:
  • Application layer:
  • Backup battery:
    3 years with lithium battery
  • Operating temperature:
    -25 ºC to +70 ºC
  • Protection type:
    IP 51 according to EN 60529
  • Mounting:
    in fixing triangle
Documentation and downloads
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