• Digital three-phase power meter with built-in cut-off relay for telemanagement of the line.
  • Internal memory for Modbus (RTU) registers and communications.
  • Direct measurement 10 (65) A.
  • The cut-off relay is three-phase and can be programmed for backward and forward scheduling of consumption (kWh), time, etc.
  • This feature is ideal for consumer management or prepaid installations such as machinery rental or three-phase installations.
  • Load curve of 9000 depth information. It corresponds to 3 months with integration every 15 min.
  • Independent recording of import and export data for energy-generating installations, solar installations, etc.
  • Up to 6 daily periods with 4 possible tariffs.
  • It distinguishes between Monday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Winter and summer.
  • Upper limit register: V, A, Wh and VArh
  • Power cut register.
  • 12 monthly closures: Wh import./export. and VArh import./export.
  • Load curve of V, A, Wh and VArh. It is configurable every 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Reading on the LCD display of the following instantaneous parameters. V, A, W, VAr, VA, cos and Hz.
  • Opto-isolated pulse output or RS485 communications.
  • LED indicators: active consumption, reactive consumption, memory error, phase sequence error, and phase error.
  • 10-year memory backup by lithium battery.
  • Accessories: USB-RS485 adapter (OB707022) / MODBUS/TCP gateway (OB709972).
    • Model: CONTAX D-6593 BUS - R
    • Reference
Technical specifications
  • Supply voltage:
    3x230 (400) V ac with neutral, 50 Hz
  • Base and maximum current:
    10(65) A
  • Start current:
    of 40 mA
  • Max. own consumption:
    1 VA
  • Accuracy active class 1
    according to UNE-EN 62053-21
  • Accuracy reactive class 2
    according to UNE-EN 62053-23
  • Serial port:
  • Communication protocol:
  • Type of codification:
    RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)
  • Communications:
    S0 pulses according to EN 62053-31
  • Active constant:
    800 imp/kWh
  • Reactive constant:
    800 imp/kvarh
  • Operating Temp:
    from -25 ºC to +55 ºC
  • Protection degree:
    IP20 according to EN 60529
  • Mounted:
    on DIN rail according to EN 60715
  • Width module:
Documentation and downloads
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