• Public lighting installations are made up of systems with high pressure Sodium Vapour or Mercury Vapour lamps. The High Pressure Sodium Vapour lamps allow the reduction of their voltage to 175V and therefore their consumption by up to 40% of the rated value. Conversely Mercury Vapour lamps can be reduced to 195V and their consumption falls by 25% of the rated value, when reductions below 195V are attempted, shut-offs occur.
  • ARL allows the reduction of the supply voltage to Mercury Vapour lamps from 195V to 175V.
  • Greater energy saving (35% approx) and stable functioning for Mercury Vapour lamps.
  • Small size and simple bracket connection.
  • Fixed with M8 threaded stud.
    • Model: ARL-1_80-125 W
    • Reference
    • Lamp power
      80-125 W
    • Model: ARL-2_250-450 W
    • Reference
    • Lamp power
      250-400 W
Technical specifications
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