ASTRO NOVA CITY / ASTRO UNO can be programmed with the keyboard or using a Smartphone, iPhone or Android. Inserting the Bluetooth dongle in the ASTRO NOVA CITY / ASTRO UNO, the App allows for:

  • Capturing GPS coordinates and the exact satellite time in order to transfer it to the devices afterwards.
  • Reading, editing, saving and transferring the programs to the devices.
  • Setting special periods with manoeuvres different from the usual.
  • Viewing the consumption data and charts of each of the circuits of the device.

Area programming by city is still the hallmark of these new versions of ASTRO NOVA CITY and ASTRO UNO.

These Apps are free and available on Google Play and App Store (search: ORBIS ASTRO NOVA)

Screenshots of the app:

Technical specifications
Documentation and downloads
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