• Universal installation box mounting.
  • Attractive design and user-friendly programming through text menus.
  • Backlit blue LCD screen with dimming function (high-low).
  • Lighting circuit on/off switching control following solar time.
  • City programmable with correction function.
  • Up to 20 operations.
  • Minimum timing period: 1 s.
  • Random operation simulates presence and holiday periods.
  • Automatic European Summer/Winter time change, deactivated or programmable.
  • Operating modes: permanent ON/OFF or holidays up to 31 days.
  • Programming languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

  • Area of application:

    • Outdoor lighting for gardens and hotel or residential façades. Automatic lighting on/off switching based on dawn/dusk times.
Technical specifications
  • Power supply: 230 V ac
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1,7 W (4,3 VA)
  • Power reserve: 24 h (Supercap)
  • Switching capacity: 8( 2) A / 250 V ac
  • Number of programs: 20
  • Degree of protection: IP20 according to EN 60529
  • Method of mounting control: Universal box mounting
  • Wire cross section: 2.5 mm²
  • Operating temperature:0 ºC to 40 ºC
Documentation and downloads
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