• High frequency (5.8 GHz) presence detector with high sensitivity and to be concealed.
  • Sensitivity to small movements makes it ideal for both individual and open offices.
  • Detection sensitivity is not dependant on direction of motion or ambient temperature and improves in closed spaces such as corridors, doorways, bathrooms or individual offices.
  • Suitable for concealed installation in gypsum, plasterboard, glass fibre or any other non-metallic suspended ceiling types. It can also be installed inside luminaries, inspection boxes, etc.
  • After the delay time expires, lighting is reduced to 20 % of its maximum level. This function prevents a loss of lighting in dark areas such as closets, garages, hotel corridors…ECOMAT MINI 2N shall remain at this level until a new detection occurs or shall switch the lighting off when so determined by natural light conditions.
  • Suitable for dimmable lamps by voltage control.
  • The 4-hour permanent lighting option provides for general cleaning, painting, repair or maintenance tasks.
  • Includes TEST feature to support detection pattern setting during installation.
  • Includes zero-crossing detection feature, required for LED load control.
      • Models
        • ECOMAT MINI 2N_230 V ca, 50 Hz
        • Code
        • Aplications
          Lockers, garages, hotel corridors
    Technical specifications
    • Power supply: 230 V ac ± 10 %.
    • Nominal frequency: 50 - 60 Hz.
    • Power consumption: 10 VA (1 W).
    • Detection angle: 360º.
    • Detection field: Up to 10 m diameter at 2,5m height.
    • Brightness range: 5…2000 lux.
    • Timing range: 5 s … 30 min.
    • Degree of protection: IP 20 according to EN 60529.
    • Method of mounting control: Surface, Hidden.
    • Operating temperature: -20 … +50 ºC.
    • Maximum recommended loads:
      • Incandescent: 10...150 W.
      • Fluorescent: NO.
      • Low voltage halogen (12 V ac): 10…150 VA.
      • Halogen (230 V ac): 10…150 W.
      • Low consumption lamps: No.
      • Downlights: No.
      • LED: 5…100 VA.
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