• Timing programmable from 1 min. to 150 h.
  • Electronic operation activated by coin or token.
  • Special temporization function when introducing more coins. For example, to allow extra time for the drying function in launderettes.
  • Warning relay to activate an audio or light signal that warns the user about the end of temporization,this way we give time to insert more coins and extend the time before the lights, shower, television,computer, etc. are shut off.
  • Short 10-second warning that is activated 30 seconds before the end of temporization.
  • Long 30-second warning that is activated 4 minutes before the end of temporization.
  • Stores up to 99 tokens or coins in memory.
  • Connection terminals for exterior temporization pause switch. In campsite showers, a pause switch is usually installed to give the user time to lather up.
  • 10-min. memory backup in case of power outage.
  • Sheet metal casing with RAL 9016 polyester paint.
  • Top token slot.
  • Accessories: Activation tokens, modular transformer 12 and 24 Vd.c. (OB86C1024).
    • Model - CTM ELECTRONIC_230 Va.c.
    • Reference
    • Features
      Activation by token with two slots
    • Model - CTM ELECTRONIC_230 Va.c.
    • Reference
    • Features
      Activation by €1 coin
    • Model - CTM ELECTRONIC_230 Va.c.
    • Reference
    • Model - CTM ELECTRONIC_24 Va.c./d.c.
    • Reference
    • Model - CTM ELECTRONIC_12 Va.c./d.c.
    • Reference
Technical specifications
  • Power supply:
    230 Va.c., 50-60 Hz / 12 or 24 Va.c./d.c.
  • Switching capacity:
    16 (4) A to 250 Va.c.
  • Operating temp.:
    -10 ºC a +45 ºC
  • Protection degree:
    IP 20 according to EN 60529
Documentation and downloads
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