Frequent questions

Astronomical time switch adjustment in the ASTRO NOVA CITY, how the zone and fixed time are programmed.

To carry out the programming of the zone at our astronomical time switches both with the ASTRO NOVA CITY (A.N.C) and with ASTRO SAT (A.S), we press the ok or menu button and the fixed "menu" title and different options will appear on the screen, "zone" with the A.N.C model and "program" in the (A.S) mode; both options will be flashing and using the arrows we move the option to the zone and select "ok" ( or "menu"); once inside, it will show us the provincial capital it has configured by default (A.N.C) or the country option and then the provincial capital (A.S). Once the province where the installation is located has been selected, we will be shown the sunrise time for that day; in both models we will be given the option of correcting the timetable we have been shown ("CORR" or "CORR. SAT) both at the Sunrise and Sunset time and using the arrows we make the relevant adjustments where necessary, pressing ok (or "menu") and the clock will appear on the final screen showing us the main screen with the date and time of the current day. In both models the sunrise and Sunset times are programmed by default on both circuits. If we wish to change said programming in any of the models or circuits, all we have to choose when programming is the "Fixed time" option instead of Sunrise or Sunset.
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