Frequent questions

How is a motion/presence detector installed? Which is the best one for me?

Whenever carrying out a project, you must bear in mind all the installation factors which will help you to choose the most suitable detector. We must bear in mind the type of assembly, surface or mounted on a wall or ceiling, IP protection level, whether it will be placed outside or not; we will evaluate the field of action of the device, observing the number of meters we wish to cover as well as the loads we wish to control with the device. Once this has been decided and we have chosen our proximity detector, we will respect the wiring diagram. The presence of highly reflective surfaces, elements subject to sudden temperature changes or light sources and objects which may move with the wind will be avoided in its detection area. At the installation it should be taken into account that detection occurs when the heat source to be detected crosses the cell detection beams and consequently, if the heat source is parallel to said beams, the proximity detector will have less sensitivity and the detection will occur at a shorter distance until arriving very close to the appliance, thus shortening the detection field.
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